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Top 10 Australian hot spots
there was actually a popular poll conducted mid-last year asking for the top 10 destinations, here are the results: [url]http://www.experienceoz.com.au/australias-top-destinations-2013[/url] 1. The Whitsundays, QLD 2. Great Ocean Road, VIC 3. Sydney, NSW 4. Uluru / Ayers Rock, NT 5. Gold Coast, QLD 6. Kakadu, NT 7. Ningaloo Reef, WA 8. Sunshine Coast, QLD 9. Cairns, QLD 10. Margaret River, WA seems about right....

Nightlife in Australia
tank night club and bar luca are best if you are interested in bars party sort of things otherwise please tell me your interests....

I want to surf!! :D
Noosa in Queensland is the cheapest and the well suited option for you in my point of view but i think you should also consider other options as Australia iss the known for surfing places.

What It's really Like to Live in Brisbane, Australia
Its the dedication to keeping green spaces like this within big capital cities one of the reasons that I love Australia so much. The Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, in Sydney and in Melbourne are simply stunning..

Where is the best diving in Australia?
Australia offers best some of the best diving in the world,famous primarily or the amazing Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. As the Great Barrier Reef is so huge, there are endless places to discover..

Lord Howe Island, NSW
It seems like a good place for relaxing stay, any major attractions?.

Magnetic Island
I have never heard about magnetic island, I did a little bit of research and it shows me that this is a good island for diving, is this correct? Simon.

Top 5 Major Attractions in Melbourne
I'm second to the zoo, my kid like it a lot. Australia is always good to visit for wildlife exploration. Simon.

Travelling in New Zealand with Hire and Rental Campervan
Travel with a campervan is always something i wish to try, this is not common in Asia (or at least in my country, Malaysia). I think it is fun where you will be able to experience eat, shit, sleep all in one place:) Sorry for my language:) Simon.

Ashes road trip
Ive read from some article too that Britons throughout the state should exercise caution, the Foreign Office added, comply with the advice of Malaysian authorities, and monitor local media reports....

Cairns vs Port Douglas - which is best?
Port douglas is just a town full of resorts (and quite expensive ones), Cairns is a much better town to be based from when exploring FNQ.

Black market jobs in Australia
from what i know, it's hard to find job there, execpt you can fullfil the requirement which are not easy.

Most Loved Beach in Australia
i think you should try Bondi Beach , its a mecca for tourists, lifesavers, surfers and sun worshippers..

Australia - Adelaide
The hills district had some very nice views.. enjoyed with a glass or 2 or local wine.

Sydney - Perth...where to start!!??!?!
There's a reason why Sydney is always listed as one of the top tour destinations in the country: it really IS the best place to visit if you're coming here as a sightseer and want to get a balance of culture, architecture, etc. Plus the harbour is truly unique. 8).

Best Beach to Spot Surfers
The Gold Coast hosts the annual Quicksilver Pro event each year that draws major surfers from around the world... it's usually held at either Burleigh Heads or Duranbah depending on the conditions. Duranbah is one of the most popular surf spots on the Coast in general and is often used by local pros as the destination of choice..

How much money do i need to travel Australia for 7 months?
i think 2000 each for 7 months is not welll enough in a country like australia. But it all depends on your choice what you want to explore in australia. if you want only explore Sydney then its enough buy only for sightseeing no shooping..

Bora Bora, Tahiti or Moorea
[quote]I am looking at a holiday for 2 weeks in French Polynesia. It's a toss up on Bora Bora ,Tahiti or Moorea. I only know what the tourist brochures tell me but would like hear it from someone who has been to either of these islands[/quote] While I've never been there yet, I've been looking into traveling to FP for several months now as it is where my fiance and I plan to go for our honeymoon. Based on everything I've read on just about every forum from experienced travelers who have been to FP many times, the answer is Bora Bora, hands down. The lagoon makes for amazingly clear water with very little of the "ick" that washes ashore other places. The opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving, viewing beautiful fish and other sea life are abundant and breathtaking. If you want to swim with the dolphins, then I believe Moorea would be a better choice.

What do you know about Western Australia?
WA is definitely worth visiting sooner than later. At the moment it is still very remote, so I suggest you enjoy it while you can. The place has so much diversity from the coral reefs, to the outback, to Broome. It also has great history. As well, there is a lot of money here in Perth. Lots of millionaires and lots of mining jobs, so it is only a matter of time before it gets built up. Thats what happens when you pour money into a region....

Tasmania as vacation destination?
Tasmania only became a place I wanted to visit lately due to other people raving about how amazing it was. Particularly, I was at a hotel, and an Irishman also staying there had just been to Tasmania for three weeks on a tour that did a circle of the island. He said it was the best place he'd been south of the Equator... course I wonder if he'd been to Bali..

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the Hobbit
NZ is a very wonderful place to visit and she doesn't require hobbit factor to attract the tourists. But, I am interested to Hollywood and would try to visit the hobbit landscape similarity in NZ..

New Zealand Beer
Hi! I do agree. Tui got a very good taste! Beer only,only,only cold!!!! I am just curious, that beer Flame - how much Alc% have ?? and how you can describe the taste? Anyway, it is possible to describe the beer's taste by words? That could be good reason for going to Rotorua! to drink a beer there! an quickly come back, to regular schedule :D.

Two Weeks in New Zealand - itinerary suggestions please
I have two weeks in NZ over Christmas and New Year. I'm flying in to Auckland, but want to spend most of my trip in the South Island. I'm planning to travel around by bus. I would appreciate any itinerary suggestions! Thanks.

Cook Islands or Tahiti
I would recommend Tahiti.

North Island adrenaline!
Taupo bungy is great-- it's where I did my first bungy jump! 47m over the Waikato River. Or the Auckland Harbor Bridge has a jump that is 40m. At both you can do the water dip option, which is very refreshing/scary! I also recommend doing the "SkyJump" off the Auckland Skytower. If you road trip to the northern tip of the island it's super lush and jungly which is cool, and the 100 mile beach up there, right by Cape Reinga has MASSIVE sand dunes you can "duneboard" down. Sounds iffy, but it's actually amazingly fast, (you rent super slick boogie boards to go down on). You can go Zorbing in Rotorua...not adrenaline inducing, but extremely fun/weird all the same. Hope this helps! HAVE FUN!.

My new zealand picture
Cool ~ nice sharing.

Favorite places in New Zealand
I have a long list of fond memories from my six months in NZ but if I had to choose my favorite, favorite FAVORITE spot it would be the top of the Otago peninsula. The Royal Albatross Colony is amazing and we got to take an Argo out into the hills and down to remote beaches to see Little Blue penguins and fur seals. The scenery was just magical. Tears well up in my eyes when I think about how serene and beautiful it was. :( Close second, also for very mystical, otherworldly qualities would be Piha beach just outside of Auckland, tucked in the Waitakeres..

Which is more like England - Australia or New Zealand
England = Australia Ireland = New Zealand The choice is yours!.

Kiwi Experience
so.. im going to new zealand next month, I've been looking at Kiwi Experience and it looks pretty good but a lot of mixed review :S is it worth going on?? and also I'm 22, am I going to be the oldest one on the bus??.

Hey guys Im heading to NZ soon and Id like to work with disabled people for a while but I havent found much info on the net .. Id also be interested in working at a children's adventure camp and hostels. Can anybody recommend a great hostel where I can work because Ive come across lots of opportunities. It would have to be in exchange for accommodation .. food too if possible ! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks ! Justine.

work in new zealand
The only one that can give you an accurate answer here is the proper authorities in New Zealand. My guess[/i:5c5a80d5f3] is that since you've disregarded the law in the past, and haven't bothered to be there legally that you'll have proven yourself dishonest. On the upside, deportation is usually at the government's expense, so there's your free ticket home. It appears, however that you're posting not from New Zealand, but from the Philippines, so why put UK as your location? Something smells fishy..

Campervan and Motorhome Hire and Rentals in New Zealand
David... I'm not sure why you are digging up this dead-end post, nearly a year on... I've removed your sig from the above comment (as that's the only purpose I can think of) and am locking the topic..

Fiji Vacation Pictures - Tokoriki and Viti Levu Islands
You have shared very nice pictures here, thanks for posting!!.

65 killed in Christchurch 6.3 magnitude earthquake
I've been watching the news reports and reading about the situation. So sad. :( We lived in the North Island for a few months about a year ago but never got a chance to visit the South Island. I really feel for the people affected by the quakes..

Fishing in Australia
Hi there, whenever pple think of fishing they go to the coast but what about the marvelous fishing in the Outback of Australia? What about all those beautiful rivers and dams full of fish? So many of the rivers have had lots of water in them for the last 2 years now, the fishing is great. You could head inland and stay at a place like "Kilcowera Station" and use it as a base for fishing in the nearby Bulloo, Paroo and Wilson rivers. You can also catch delicious yabbies very easily in the dams and waterholes. Cheers Zenonie.

Tours and islands in Fiji
We stayed at Amunuca Resort on Tokoriki Island in the Mamanuca Group. The snorkeling was awesome. Definitely get off the main island. If you have the money, take a chopper to save time or just a ferry boat like South Sea Cruises..

Hawaii prices??
We were on the big island for 10 nights and almost always ate breakfast and dinner in the vacation rental and packed a simple lunch. I don't think prices at the supermarket were crazy high, but it was more expensive than at home in Miami. Our neighbor unloading a basket of bananas on us really helped though. :) Here's what we spent at the safeway supermarket for two people for 10 nights. SAFEWAY STORE00015QPSKAILUA-KONAHI $48.41 SAFEWAY STORE00015QPSKAILUA-KONAHI $44.61 SAFEWAY STORE00015QPSKAILUA-KONAHI $56.54 total = $148 We also bought some snacks at Target and Walmart..

Transport around New Zealand
[quote]I have heard that New Zealand can be a terrible place to visit but on the other hand i have been told it is great can i get some suggestions on wether it is a nice place or not thanks.[/quote] We had a great time for the most part. We were there from January to June. I missed having unlimited internet, but the Vodafone mobile 3g broadband worked well enough. I'd recommend renting a car for ultimate freedom. We bought a used car for $2,700 nzd and sold it for $2100. So it cost us about $5 usd per day. Not a bad rental. :) I did get tired of driving on the really twisty roads during our sightseeing excursions all over the North Island. But I definitely want to go back and see the South Island some day on our way up to Oz..

Fiji or Hawaii????
So we're back from our trip. If you can only pick one - go for Fiji. We ended up going to Fiji twice - before and after New Zealand. Then we did the big island of Hawaii on a budget. The car was $109 for 10 days, the studio rental was $560 for 10 nights and we went snorkeling (free) almost every day. The car was a little Hyundai so we only spent a few hundred on gas going all over the island..

Freedom: Magic tours vs. Naked Passport
Thanks lauracav! I just realized... another freedom aspect of Naked is I can figure out what I want to do, and maybe meet travel companions in my four months there and then decide rather than have to book now before I even enter the country (the Magic special ends less than a week). The cold shouldn't be too much of a problem for me; I'm Canadian :D but very handy piece of advice for packing, thank you..

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